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Cause Solution Essay: The inequality between rich and poor nations

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Helloo.., kali ini saya akan membagi esai IELTS hanya body paragraphs saja, yang tadi pagi 27 Feb 2019 saya tulis di kelas C 1 Band 7 English Studio Indonesia Kampung Inggris Pare. Oia, sebagai info, kelas ini didesain bagi peserta yang memiliki target skor IELTS Band 7. Kelas ini ditempuh selama dua bulan untuk menyelesaikan dua level yaitu C1 (7) dan C2 (7+).

Diantara banyak tipe esai IELTS, peserta didik yang saya training kebanyakan terjebak pada sesi Cause-Solution Essays. Terjebak di sini adalah peserta MERASA sudah MENJAWAB pertanyaan tapi sebenarnya mereka BELUM MENJAWAB pertanyaan yang ditanyakan.

Dengan adanya contoh paragraf Cause and Solution ini, semoga dapat menjadi referensi bagi para pemburu IELTS band 7+. Selamat membaca:

The inequality between rich and poor nations is now wider than it has ever been before. What do you think are the main causes of this difference and what do you think can be done to reduce the gap? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

One of the main causes for this huge gap is the education sector. That is to say such sector in developed countries is designed well with internationally recognized standardization while the one in underdeveloped ones is more often neglected. For example, in Finlandia, there is a board that measures students’ performance called PISA, the Program for International Student Assessment. How does it work? This attempts to figure out whether students can apply what they have learnt at school to real-life situations, acquiring social and emotional skills of students, and such a program has led this country to have better income economies with high development human index based on OECD, while in Nigeria since their declaring their independence, the education policies have not been set yet. This is what makes underdeveloped countries lag behind the wealthy ones as they still suffer from poverty as in conjunction with poor education 

What can be done to tackle this? As better education is a play an important role in human, social, and economic development of a country, putting to much concern on teacher development is a must. This is because a good teacher helps students to become good human beings in the society and good citizen of the country. Not only this, they can solve the global learning crisis and close the gap between poor and good quality education. For example, when Finland’s education system fell behind in the 1970s, the government started to reform the teacher training system where all teachers would be sent to master’s level with the same high-level standardization of teacher training, and this has resulted in Finland having successfully narrowed down a wide disparity to the UK  in socio-economy background.

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Eddy Suaib, an IELTS teacher of English Studio - IELTS Kampung Inggris Pare Kediri, Indonesia

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