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Linking words: Can I be of any use ?

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Ryan Higgins has brought some practical linking words to light, used in IELTS introduction paragraph. Here is the example:

In today’s world, the use of technology is ever-increasing. Even in classrooms technology can be commonly seen. It is disagreed that technology will completely replace the teacher in the classroom. Analyzing both the inability of a technology-driven teacher to discipline students in a classroom as well as this robotic teacher’s hindrance to a student’s learning process will show this.

Ryan once says: all sentences in paragraph can be worked as one unity if there are (more) linking words to be ticked. Let’s look at how these linking words (underlined phrases) can be of any use:

Even in – this is a phrase used in English to make it clear that a topic’s characteristics match the characteristics of a topic presented before it. In the paragraph above, it is saying that technology in the classroom is also ever-increasing. Can you see how ‘even in’ links the ideas of our background sentence with our detailed background sentence?

This – probably the most commonly used linking word, here this refers to our thesis and states that the supporting ideas of lack of discipline and educational hindrance will act in support of this thesis. Can you see how the word ‘this’ causes the outline sentence to link with the idea presented in the thesis?

A key point for IELTS essay is sited in the first paragraph, known as the introduction. When the IELTS examiner peruses the introduction to your essay, then she/he should already figure out clearly what the rest of your essay will look like.

Extract from: Ryan Higgins. 

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