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Cara menjawab sesi Reading Cambridge 1, test 1, no. 1-8

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Pertanyaan nomor 1-8 (Complete Summary)

Cara saya menjawab pertanyaan sesi Complete Summary pada Cambridge 1, test 1. Mungkin cara ini juga cocok bagi Anda. Ada 2 langkah :

  1. Temukan kata kunci pada bacaan,
  2. Setelah menemukan kata kunci, baca dengan teliti, lalu bandingkan, sampai Anda yakin akan jawaban yang tepat.

Hasil kerja dari 2 langkah di atas:

Jawaban dari pertanyaan di atas:

They tried to preserve burning logs or charcoal unaware that they could create
fire themselves. It is suspected that the first man-made flames were produced
by chance

The very first fire-lighting methods involved the creation of friction by, for
example, rapidly rotating a wooden stick in a round hole. The use of percussion
or persistent chipping was also widespread in Europe and among other peoples
such as the Chinese and Eskimos European practice of this method continued
until the 1850s despite the discovery of phosphorus some years earlier.

Ref. Cambridge Practice Tests for IELTS 1 

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