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Successful Test Taker in Speaking IELTS

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To be a successful test taker, he or she has to make a good preparation by doing a lot of practices before taking the test. Yes, ‘be ready’ seems to be an obvious thing to achieve a good score. The meaning of ‘ready’ here does not mean that test taker has to go abroad previously. The words ‘be ready’ cover the awareness of the test taker on the form of the test it self, including its timing and instruction. Even, there is no guarantee for someone who has lived abroad to be able to get high score automatically. Well, test taker may not think this test is ‘piece of cake stuff’ then does not check the form of it at all.

That preparation such also be done before dealing with speaking test. Test taker should try at home to develop his or her answer. Avoiding short answer such as ‘yes/ no’ might be difficult to do when test taker does not own the skill to give some arguments. That is why, it is suggested that test taker train on how to develop his or her skill to give spontaneous ideas to support his or her argument.

Test taker should also be helpful and willing in answering the question. There is a general rule in this section for test taker to speak about 70 until 80 percent of the time. It will be better if test taker can show to the examiner that he or she has a good grammar, rich vocabulary, and also good pronunciation. Besides, test taker has to be aware on his or her body language. To create a positive image, test taker can sit comfortably, with good posture and hold hand together in a formal style. Test taker needs to do this kind of thing because examiner comes from different cultural background. So, it is better for taking body control as the best strategy.

The way of speaking is also a point plus in speaking section. Test taker who wants to get a high score should never try it. The best way is being natural and friendly. Test taker can still be his or herself by giving factual answer. Test taker could ask help from other people to give some correction and judgment during the practice. Above all, the key point is still in practicing it regularly.


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