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Coherence in IELTS Writing

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Coherence in writing is more difficult to sustain than coherent in speech. This is because writers have no nonverbal clues (such as gestures) to inform the partners whether their message is clear or not. Thus the writers must make their patterns of coherence much more explicit and much more carefully planned rather than their coherence on speaking.

Coherence is an organisational skill that works at 2 levels:
1. Skill on writing paragraphs that develop an idea in a way that the reader understands what the main point is and why it is important, or is called paragraph coherence.
How to achieve this skill of paragraph coherence? You need to learn how to structure a paragraph with a topic sentence and to develop that sentence through the appropriate use of explanations and examples. The easy way to think about this is that a paragraph is a series of sentences all related to the same idea.

2. Skill of organising your essay so that the paragraphs link together so that the reader understands the connections between the paragraphs and the flow of the essay, or is called essay coherence.
How to achieve this skill of essay coherence? You need to learn how to structure an essay so that the different paragraphs connect to each other. The easy way to think about this is that an essay is a series of paragraphs/ideas that link together to form one coherent point of view.

Why we have to deal with this "Coherence" things in IELTS writing?
  1. 25% of your IELTS writing score is taken from its coherence.
  2. If your essay is coherent, the examiner will understand what you are trying to say after one reading of the essay when they first decide how to grade the essay.
  3. It makes the essay writing process easier. As you learn to write coherently, you will find that one sentence naturally follows on from the previous sentence.

So if you have more time, you should learn on how to "grow" coherence skills on your writing so you can grab your best IELTS band score :)


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